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Joanna and I met in Louisville, Kentucky in the summer of 1985. I was managing my twenty-year old real estate brokerage company, developing residential subdivisions, designing and building custom homes, and Joanna was a student at Indiana University. 

Together we edited an exercise book that I had written in 1983 to describe what I had seen in a God-given dream that ultimately became Synergetics seven years later. We self-published three editions totaling 6000 copies in four years. We then sold our book to Pocket Books, New York in 1990, where it became a bestseller titled Synergetics, Your Whole LIfe Fitness Plan, selling 50,000 copies and staying in print for eight years.

From 1990 to 1996, Joanna and I drove over 100,000 miles to more than 100 cities in America and Canada and did over 400 radio, TV and newspaper interviews, giving Synergetics a life of its own. 

I sold my real estate business in 1990 to devote my life to sharing Synergetics that has been a mission to help others who want my help, who I can help.

Today, Synergetics is practiced all over the world—in more than twenty countries. From America to Limerick, Ireland to Singapore to almost everywhere in the world!

Joanna is still very active in Synergetics but devotes most of her time producing documentaries, oral histories and performs her music in Frankfort (our home town), and Nantucket. She plays a mean, eclectic violin/fiddle and mandolin! And has helped produce several music albums.

Joanna and I live in a vintage cottage thirty minutes outside of Frankfort, Kentucky on acres and acres of ridges and hollows, inhabited by deer, turkey, quail and coyotes, with our two rescue (walked-through-our-gate), dogs—Puffy and Tres’. 

I maintain our Hayven preserve, mow a mile long ridge, take care of our two dogs, my Synergetics blog, make PocketGyms and fill orders. And cook for Joanna. Everything but vacuuming . . ! 

For over ten years most of our orders have come from word-of-mouth—customers telling their family, their friends, and anyone who asks them how come they look so young and how to order products.

Write or call us! We would love to hear how Synergetics is working for you!

Thank you very much! And bless you! Taylor and Joanna Hay

P.S. If you are interested in TEACHING Synergetics, please email us at taylor@pocketgym.com.


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