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The following is the most important discovery I have made in my last thirty years of working with thousands of people all over the world in person, by letter, by phone and now on line.

I have found the secret to burning fat and keeping it off for the rest of your life! And how you can develop a much younger fat-burning body at any age that you will be proud to call your own.

Years ago I received a call from a person who practiced Synergetics every day. She was losing weight, getting relief from stress and pain, and developing good muscle tone, but her new improved body was still carrying more fat than she liked, even though she was doing twelve minutes of Synergetics every day after lunch at her health club.

Although we have instructions in our book, and videos on how to steadily lose excess fat, I felt that somehow she had overlooked our recommendations.

So I explained the Synergetics Timing/Frequency Fat-Burning and TuneUp System, which encouraged her to add another TuneUp to her daily routine by doing a BeforeBreakfast TuneUp before she eats breakfast and doing a BeforeBedtime TuneUp after she had eaten supper in addition to the TuneUp she was already doing.

She reported several months later that she had lost several dress sizes, a lot of fat that had hidden her real body, and loved her almost teenage looks! She was in her early fifties!

Here’s what I wrote her.

First: Do your first 12-minute BeforeBreakfast TuneUp with the video before eating or drinking anything but a big glass of pure water! And drink another glass of water after your BeforeBreakfast TuneUp.

The first benefit is that your BeforeBreakfast TuneUp will trigger appetite suppressing and relaxing endorphins. And your two big, before and after glasses of water with your TuneUp absorbs and rids your body of toxins, provides your body with vital electrolytes and helps you eliminate what needs eliminating.

And since your stomach is almost empty before breakfast, with very little carbohydrates in your bloodstream, your energy-craving muscles will force your metabolic system to convert some of your excess fat that it hoards for a famine that never comes to glycogen, which fuels your body’s muscle contractions; making your physical motions more energy efficient.

So you trim down much faster by doing a BeforeBreakfast TuneUp, even though you burn the same number of calories regardless of when you do your Synergetics TuneUp.

And if you TuneUp even hours after you have eaten, your body ignores your harder-to-metabolize fat and converts the easier-to-access carbohydrates in your bloodstream to glycogen. So you get fatter and fatter!

Also, the calories you eat during your day will be burned more efficiently because your body’s metabolic, calorie-burning rate has increased as much as 15% for a few hours after your before-breakfast Synergetics TuneUp. Be sure to eat at least three evenly spaced meals a day so that your body won’t slow down its metabolism for fear that you are going to starve it.

Plus!!! And just as important, your upper body, bi-lateral, stretching, muscle-contracting TuneUp will have activated a sometimes-dormant sheath of brown fat, which is permanently attached to your skeleton and located around your neck and the top of your back.

Your brown fat is brown because of its high concentration of mini-furnaces named mitochrondria and cytochromes, your thermogenic calorie-burners, which automatically heat up your body to burn off excess calories and offset changes in outside temperatures to maintain a normal body temperature.

Second: Do your second 12-minute Synergetics BeforeBedtime TuneUp about an hour or so before bedtime to again increase your calorie-burners and trigger stress-relieving endorphins, which also curb your appetite so you won’t be tempted to snack before bedtime. And drink a big glass of water before bedtime, which will help you avoid getting leg cramps in the middle of the night.

By doing your Synergetics TuneUps twice every day you will permanently increase the rate at which you burn calories for the rest of your life! So your daily intake of food will be metabolized more efficiently and the calories will be burned at a higher rate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!

Your BeforeBedtime TuneUp also super-tunes your body’s metabolic rate to efficiently digest the undigested food that is still sitting in your stomach from supper.

Remember the old saying: Eat like a king (or queen), for breakfast, like a princess (or prince), for lunch, and like a pauper for dinner! Simply, you need a lot of energy to take on your day, but at night, you are much better off going to bed without a belly-full of undigested food.

But if you don’t TuneUp your body with a relaxing, endorphin-producing 12 minutes of Synergetics before you go to bed, your body, still wanting to store fat for the famine that never comes, will convert part of the undigested food to fat while you sleep.

As a bonus you’re getting rid of stress that your face and body picks up during your day. Your Synergetics TuneUps also trigger endorphins that give you a more relaxed sleep—especially if you do your Fantastic Faces (your built-in stress-chaser), with every motion.

Third: What about a third Synergetics TuneUp in the middle of the day? The more Synergetics motions you do, the merrier! I have one word for doing a Synergetics TuneUp between your BeforeBreakfast and BeforeBedtime TuneUps! Fantastic! You will feel and see amazing changes in a much shorter time!

The two Synergetics TuneUps that I recommend do not interrupt your day since you do them when you first get up and right before you go to bed. And the total time needed for two 12-minute TuneUps a day is only a total of 2 hours and 48 minutes a week!

I repeat; a 12-minute Synergetics TuneUp gently flexes every bone and muscle in your body almost 400 times! And since you are also flexing every bone in your body with every Synergetics body-flex, your bone density will increase; either avoiding or reversing osteoporosis.

Again: Brittle bones are subject to easily breaking, so you can strengthen your bones by flexing them four hundred times in twelve minutes with Synergetics to avoid hip fractures.

So if you do two 12-minute TuneUps a day, you have flexed every muscle (and flexed every bone in your body for bone density), over 5000 times per week without sweating, panting, hurting, getting down on the floor, or mussing up your hair.

TuneUp with Synergetics anytime and anywhere when you feel like reducing your stress and increasing your energy! And burning some stored fat . . .

And your body won’t wear out! It will just look and feel better and better. I have done almost eight million Synergetics body-flexes in the past 35 years and I feel that I have dramatically slowed down my aging clock. And my joints and muscles are in better shape now than they were in 1980!

It is the timing, consistency and number of Synergetics motions you do that completely transforms your body, increases your vitality, and gives you the endurance and energy to do things that you never dreamed possible!

I would love to hear how you are doing! So email me at taylor@pocketgym.com whenever you feel like it and tell me how Synergetics is working for you.

And if you enjoy the TuneUps, it would really help if you would ‘spread the word’ about Synergetics: The book, Synergetics, Your Whole Life Fitness Plan, the original Synergetics DVD, or the PocketGym Kit. And please tell your family and friends about Synergetics. They will thank you by sharing the key to a healthier, happier life.

And if you have the time and desire to teach Synergetics I will train you long distance to be a certified Synergetics teacher at a nominal cost so that you can not only help other people with their health but create your own business.

I believe that I keep myself in better shape because I am constantly figuring out ways to share what God gave me in a dream when I was fifty years old. And now I want to share what I have learned with you in the hope that Synergetics will enrich your life as these blessed motions have enriched mine. Write me at taylor@pocketgym.com for information.

Love and blessings to you, Taylor

P.S. If you are interested in teaching Synergetics, please email us at taylor@pocketgym.com.


© Synergetics 2015

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