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This is me, Taylor . . 2012.  At age eighty-two. I am standing in one of the hollers of our Kentucky land of ridges and valleys that I named Hayven. My wife, Joanna and I have lived in a vintage cottage on a mile-long ridge above where I am standing for over twenty years. There’s a lot of land—almost five hundred acres. So there are plenty of places to commune with nature and explore on your own.

If you would like, drop me a note at info@pocketgym.com and I will put you on a contact list when I get a blog going in a few months. Or if you are reading this note after the summer of 2015, still contact me. I would love to have you as a companion. That way we can explore Hayven in all seasons, and share some enriching life experiences.

Here’s a philosophy that I have lived by. I got the first sentence out of a Tai Chi book written in all Chinese except for the English introduction decades ago. And I added the second sentence to remind myself to stay on my life’s path and allow nothing to get in my chosen way.

With your own free will you can change your destiny. So decide what you want to do with the rest of your life then enjoy the adventure of doing it.

Now here’s the story of The Synergetics Dream.

© Synergetics 2015

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